Quality System

Quality Assurance

Under the leadership of the company leader and vice president of quality, the quality assurance center is responsible for the implementation of various laws and regulations issued by the state, quality supervision, batch issuance and product release throughout the production process. The quality assurance center ensures that the raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials used in production are correct. The center establishes the document management system and organizes the formulation, modification and review of production and quality management documents. It also makes regular verification and monitoring of purification, water preparation, disinfection and sterilization, and potting systems. The center is also responsible for application of GMP certification ,carrying out GMP self-inspection, and doing sampling inspection as required. It is responsible for product quality feedback, deviation evaluation, risk evaluation and product stability evaluation. There are also on-site supervisors who are mainly responsible for quality supervision and control in the process of drug production.

Quality Method